Remember Those Warrantless Wiretaps?

I thought some readers might find this article from Wired magazine interesting.  There was, rightly I believe, great concern from civil liberties groups regarding the use of warrantless wiretaps during the tenure of the previous administration.  You might remember that several telecommunications companies released information to the government and then Congress granted these same companies protection from being sued.  It might surprise some to know that the Obama administration is trying to block the release of emails that dealt with the drafting of the legislation to grant this protection to the telecom companies.  A change of administration does not always mean a change in legal positions.



One Response

  1. Interesting. Apparently the liberal agenda does not include protecting personal freedom.
    In another amusing note, did you see that a high school in California issued students laptops that had cameras built above the screen. Several students were then accused of violating laws when the school turned the cameras on by remote, covertly observing the students while outside of school
    Totally unconstitutional, but it is GREAT to see students victimized by the technology they think they control !

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