Fired Up, Ready to Go

Howard Dean is fired up and ready to go. He is leading a liberal revolt against the Senate’s health care bill, stating that the legislation is “not worth passing.” Dean said that, “If it were up to me I would kill the bill entirely.” Progressives should be wary when their leaders begin to sound exactly like their conservative counterparts. Nate Silver does a fantastic job of explaining why progressives are “bat shit crazy to oppose the Senate bill.”

According to Silver,
For any “progressive” who is concerned about the inequality of wealth, income and opportunity in America, this bill would be an absolutely monumental achievement. The more compelling critique, rather, is that the bill would fail to significantly “bend the cost curve”. I don’t dismiss that criticism at all, and certainly the insertion of a public option would have helped at the margins. But fundamentally, that is a critique that would traditionally be associated with the conservative side of the debate, as it ultimately goes to mounting deficits in the wake of expanded government entitlements.

Liberals need to relax and listen to the wisdom of Sir Michael Philip Jagger.



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