What I’m Thankful For…

On this holiday where we gather with family and friends to eat and remember why we are glad that we only see some folks once a year, I wanted to share some of the things I am thankful for:

I am thankful for whiskey.

I am thankful for flasks that can be hidden in coats at family gatherings.

I am thankful for the fact that Levi Johnston is in Sarah Palin’s life.  It just makes me laugh.

I am thankful for this

I am thankful for the (few) times that we have open, thoughtful debate by public officials on important issues.

Did I mention whiskey?

I am thankful for the rule of law.  (Unlike some of our current office holders.)

I am thankful that Red Sox pitchers and catchers report on Thursday, February 18th.

I am thankful for my fellow Dark Horse Dispatch members. (I needed to say that…they are a fragile bunch!)

I am thankful for politics because it is important and fun.

Did I mention flasks?

Thanks for reading the blog and Happy Thanksgiving!



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