Another third party

Brad points to an article suggesting the possibility of a libertarian revolution. But maybe people will just Whig out!



There are veto messages and then there are veto messages

In an earlier post, I had discussed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s threat to veto mucho legislation in retaliation for what he perceives as the legislature’s inaction on important measures.

The vetoes have begun. But, is there something more to his message?


Podcast 7: Tactics in the Gay Rights Movement & Leadership in Washington

Brad, Brandon and Chip discuss the tactics being used by gay rights advocates to pressure Washington policy makers as well as the issue of leadership in Washington.

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A Real Libertarian Revolution?

Carlos Watson has an interesting article on the two-party system in the United States and the potential for a third-party challenge on the Fast Company website.  It asserts that now is the time for the Libertarian party to step up and really challenge the Democrats and Republicans.  If Libertarians want to have a real impact in 2010 or 2012, they need to recruit from the business world, where their values will resonate most.”

A focus on recruiting from the business world could lead to a serious challenge from the Libertarian party at all levels of government?  This is an interesting prospect.  Is America primed for another run by a Perot-type candidate?  Political strategists from the two major parties might want to read this article too.


Legislators and social media

Have you wondered about the use of social media by legislators? There is a rundown of recent survey results at The Thicket.


The Supreme what? Oh… them

From the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian:

A Cape Girardeau man was arrested for flag desecration today, a case that was dimissed within hours because of a 1989 U.S. Supreme Court decision that declared flag burning was protected speech under the First Amendment.

Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle said that he was unaware of the case, Texas v. Johnson, that invalidated the laws of 48 states, when he filed misdemeanor charges against Frank L. Snider III.

Swingle was elected prosecuting attorney in 1986.


WIRED Takes On Anti-Vaxers

Amy Wallace of WIRED magazine has written an interesting article about parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, and how they put all of us in danger. 

“Looking back over human history, rationality has been the anomaly. Being rational takes work, education, and a sober determination to avoid making hasty inferences, even when they appear to make perfect sense. Much like infectious diseases themselves — beaten back by decades of effort to vaccinate the populace — the irrational lingers just below the surface, waiting for us to let down our guard.”    -Amy Wallace